Caramel Cocoa Tarts

Nothing quite like a quick slap together of random ingredients.

Just got back from a family friends house with a handful of loganberries and about to have another come over for dinner, so had to assemble something tasty. Leftover crumble topping? Ok! Lets make something out of this…..

Caramel Coco Tarts

Serves 8


200g Crumble topping/ biscuit crumbs

8tbsp Milled Flaxseed with Cocoa or 1/2 Ground nuts and 1/2 Cocoa or just extra biscuit crumbs

8tbsp butter (melted)


397g  Tin Condensed milk

200g Dark Chocolate (melted)

8 Logan berries (optional)

a few tsp ground nuts (optional)

1. To make the base crumble your crumble topping/ biscuit into fine crumbs in a bowl. Next add in your and the melted butter and mix till combined.

2. Divide the mix into 8 tartlet cases and press down firmly. Then into fridge for 15-20 mins

3. As base chills get the can of condensed milk and empty it into a small pan over a medium heat and stir continuously till thickened. Takes about 10-15 min.

4. Take tart bases out of the fridge and spoon a tablespoon onto each and spread quickly till even. Cover with the melted dark chocolate, sprinkle with some ground nuts and place a decorative loganberries in center of each. Return to Fridge to chill until ready to serve.


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