Coffee and Chocolate Cupcakes

Ok this is for coffee cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, made from same basic mix but then separated and given their own flavour. I just find it easier sometimes to split the mix and then bake two or more different flavours at the same time, although you could then marble these two together. It’s an All-In-One mix too so really easy and min fuss with two tasty frosting; Coffee Fudge and Chocolate Marscapone.

I suggest using good quality espresso and chocolate of 70% cocoa solids min, more intense flavour. I also made mine on Gluten free flour but nobody will die if you make it on regular but add a touch less espresso to the cupcake mix. I also have a few hang ups in regards to baking, one of  them is I never use anything labeled instant so I’d either brew some coffee or use a Nespresso capsule (Arpezzio AKA the purple one I used, was just perfect!) …. yeah,  just for some cupcakes.


makes 24

175g Gluten free  self-raising flour

175g Butter

1oog Castor sugar

75g Muscavado or soft light brown sugar

3 Eggs

For Coffee Cupcakes: make up one strong espresso

For Chocolate Cupcakes: 50g Dark Chocolate (melted)

Coffee Fudge Icing

50g Butter

100g Muscavado or soft light brown sugar

1/2 an espresso (some for me, some for you…yeah just drink the rest. )

Chocolate Marcapone

100g marscapone

50g Dark Chocolate min 70% cocoa solids (melted)

1. Whisk together the flour, sugars, butter and egg till light and fluffy. Split the mix, put half in another bowl and add melted chocolate to one and espresso to other. Fold in each.

2. Preheat oven to 180C and prepare 24 paper cases in tin. Fill cases with coffee or chocolate mix then pop into the oven for 10min.

3. take out and leave to cool on a wire rack as you get cracking on the toppings.

4. To make the chocolate topping just whisk together all the ingredients till smooth and creamy. then either spread on cupcakes or reserve in fridge for later.

5. To make the Coffee topping add sugar and butter to a hot pan and heat without boiling till all the sugar has dissolved. Pour in the espresso and boil for 1 min, remove from heat and allow to cool slightly before pouring teaspoon amounts onto cupcakes (quickly as it wont go on right if it sets)….oh and soak the pan ASAP as sugar can be hard to remove.

Seriously good here!

Can’t decied if Coffee or Chocolate if my favourite…..



  1. Graham Nugent

    Great work and it all looks greaaaatttttt. Congratulations on setting up your very own blog ;-)

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