Almond Caramel Cake

So, I’m going to a party therefor I need to bring cake. Most importantly for me is that no one else has made/bought a cake similar to mine. Honestly the horrors of two chocolate cakes! It’s like turning up at your Debs and someone is wearing your dress, you want to just rip it off them. Who looks best! is the question that springs to mind. For me that is how I feel about cakes, I don’t care really if you are wearing my clothes but for the love of all things sweet and savoury don’t make a cake competition! Here I have gone out of my way to avoid that disaster with almond and caramel cake rather than usual (and most loved) chocolate, but I tell you as simple as this cake is to make it also is rather tasty and quite pretty too.

Here we have a separate caramel sauce then topped with cake batter, this is absorbed into the cake and the almonds go all crisp and toffee-ey. If you don’t have a ring tin use a pudding bowl or even a regular cake tin but be sure that it can come out easily. Also I just using a simple all-in-one sponge recipe in vanilla rather than making that caramel too to avoid sugar overdose.

Caramel Sauce                  

50g Butter

60g Soft brown sugar

1tbsp Water

Flaked almonds (as much as you like)


125g Butter

125g Sugar

125g Plain Gluten Free Flour

2 eggs

1tsp Baking powder

1tsp vanilla essence

1. Grease the ring tin and sprinkle a handful of the almonds into it, set the oven to 180C

2. Add all the caramel ingredients (apart from almonds) into a small pot and stir over a medium heat untill the butter has melted and all is combined. Pour the sauce over the almonds gentle and leave to cool.

2. Take all the cake ingredients and whisk them till light and fluffy in a bowl. Scoop this carefully over the caramel and almonds and smooth over, sprinkle with even more almonds.

3.bake in the oven for 20min until a skewer inserted half-ways comes out clean.

4. Tip out onto a plate and leave to cool. Serve with heaps of cream in the hole, fresh fruit, sweets, maybe a fondu if you’re feeling adventurous!





  1. Courtney Lund

    Sounds tasty!

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