Low Carb Chocolate Cake

Yes that’s right. A chocolate cake that low on the carbohydrates, sugar and fat. Actually it tastes alright too. I don’t know if you remember or read my older post of the flourless sponge that was smothered in cream, well this is an adaption of said cake. If want a more luxurious cake and you can afford the extra calories then what ya doing here! Bake this instead :P


3 4 ingredients for this one. All you need is eggs, Splenda or other low carb sugar sub, coca powder/carob powder aka that weird protein stuff that’s chocolate flavour and lastly something to spread in the middle like Peanut butter or Almond butter, whatever takes your fancy.

So who’s ready for guilt free cake?

Sponge Serves  4….or one chocolate starved lady

3 Free Range/Organic Eggs

3-4 tbs Splenda/Other Low Cal Sweetener

20g-ish Cocoa/Carob Powder


Nut Spead of your choosing, pick your favourite

1. Preheat your oven to 180C. Separate your eggs, place whites in a clean grease free bowl and leave yolks to one side in a roomy bowl (you will be adding everything into yolk’s bowl so don’t stick them in a tiny bowl). Whip up Whites to stiff peaks, leave to one side.

2. Now beat the yolks till thick, add some splenda untill it’s thick but not too thick. Should resemble runny custard, if it looks thicker than that then stop adding splenda! Egg yolk size varies so splenda quantity varies too.

3. Now add your cocoa/Carob to your yolk mix.  Again don’t let it get too thick, if it does and you have a thick paste don’t worry just add a tbsp of water to loosen it up :)

4. Make sure whites are still stiff. Add a large tbsp to yolk mix to loosen it up some more and then fold the rest in gently with a metal spoon. Will look like lovely chocolate moose, yummy, you’ll now want to pour this into 2 small sandwich tins that have been lined with grease proof paper discs.

5. Bake for 7-10mins. Should be slightly shrunk and springy to the touch. Pop out and cool on a wire rack, while still warm spread your spread and sandwich it all together.



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