Went on a bit of a baking binge today all thanks to Frisbee bake-sale tomorrow. Tried macaroons for the first time, also made a lemon and raspberry roll and cafe cupcakes. Think I might like macaroons more that Cupcakes *GASP* as they just so cute and rather simples to make. They are little almond sammiches in pretty colours and flavours, love love love the variation you can have with them. They are also gluten-free as they are just eggs and sugar mostly :D

Makes 25-50

3 egg whites
castor sugar 75g
ground almonds 125g
icing sugar 175g
flavourings-cocoa powder, lemon essence, vanilla extract
food colourings – yellow,green
fillings- raspberry jam, lemon curd, nutella

1. Take your egg whites in a clean bowl and whisk them till they reach stiff peaks, then add the Castor sugar and continue whisking till stiff and glossy.











2. Fold in almonds and icing sugar. Divide your mix into two other bowls and add a different flavour and colour to each (i did chocolate/Brown, Vanilla/Green, lemon/Yellow) You can use what ever you like though) and fold in gently.

3. Scoop into small plastic bags and pipe small circles onto trays lined with greeseproof paper. Give them a good bit of space. Leave to form a skin for aprx 15mins. Preheat oven to 160C

4. Bake for 10-12 mins and then leave to cool on tray for a few mins.

5. Once totally cool you can start to fill them! Match up the flavours or mix them up….go crazy, then devour them with people ^_^

These remind me of Nyan Cat….a rainbow of macaroons

….if only


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