Chocolate Loaf Cake

I love baking cakes for others. This was for my Sci-Fi  Society in college…I think it went well as I had some asking for seconds and it was all gone a bit too fast. Loaf is best if you have to travel with a cake as it doesn’t get squashed easily and chocolate is a safe flavour…’Cause who doesn’t like chocolate!

I filled this with Chocolate ganache, a chocolate and cream truffle mix, so it was simple and very indulgent.


3 eggs

150g Sugar (-1 tbsp)

1tbsp soft brown sugar

150g Self Raising Flour (-1tbsp)

1 Tbsp Cocoa powder

150g Butter


200g Chocolate

100g Cream

1. Preheat oven to 180C and line a small loaf tin with grease proof paper

2. mix all your cake ingredients together, for flour and sugar remember to remove a tablespoon and then add a table-spoon, beat till thick, fluffy and combined.

3. Pour into the tin and bake for aprox. 20-25 min. A skewer can be inserted and should come out clean when cake is done.

4. Leave to cool slightly in tin….ignor for a min or two and focus on filling as it cools completely (when cool enough to handle you may remove from tin and let it finish on rack)

5. Break up chocolate and place in bowl. Boil cream then pour over chocolate, leave for 20sec then whip it up.

6. Time to cut the cake. Bring cake to a bread board and tilt on side and slice length ways 2-3 times. Take the original tin and line it whit clingfilm, layer cake then chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate cake chocolate….untill you run out of cake. End with a generous topping of the chocolate.

7 Sprinkles? Chocolate Shavings?

Cake can be wrapped in clingfilm and tinfoil and taken anywhere YAY!


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