Chocolate Mug Cake

Just adding one more Version to the Internet! What’s the difference with mine? Oh I used Gluten Free flour and have a Dalek Mug…and I find that adding a bit of brown sugar instead of just granulated gives it a more brownie like texture.

Yeah, that’s all really.

All you need is…

4tbsp  Plain Flour

2tbsp Cocoa Flour

3tbs Sugar

1tbsp Soft brown sugar

3tbsp Veggie Oil

3tbsp Milk

1 egg

1. Mix the dry ingredients together in a large mug/bowl, that’s the flour, cocoa and sugars. Then add the milk and oil and mix to a paste and lastly the egg. Stir up the gooey concoction.

2. Pop this beauty into a microwave for 3 mins. Cooking time may vary so keep an eye on it! Also, it may have a tendency to tower up, be brave and watch it climb without opening that door unless you are sure that it’s going to spill over….as it might.

3. Be very careful as you take it out of the microwave. Swivel a knife around the edges to loosen it out and plop it onto a plate.

4. Make a quick chocosause by breaking up a few squares of chocolate and a big slash of cream and stick in micro for 20-30sec, then whip up and pour over cake.


  • Mix in a bowl 1st and before you put it in your mug add a spoon of Jam to the bottom for a sweet surprise
  • Find a really BIG mug! If unsure about size, be wise and use a bowl
  • Keep an eye on time, too long and it can be a bit dry….but fix that with a large dose of cream/ice cream
  • -1tbsp sugar, add peanut butter!
  • Add a drop of essence or extract
  • BOOZE!?
  • A handful of chocolate chips is nice, add them in just before micro but don’t stir
  • Share it…..or not
  • Add a bit of Zest
  • Don’t like chocolate? Use Flour instead of cocoa and have a different flavour
  • Really the Sky your Pantry is the limit

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