Cranberry Sauce

To start with I just want to say my mum makes the best Cranberry Sauce! Adding cointreua….just genius. Not only is it incredibly delicious but it’s quick and easy to make Although perhaps that just my mum making it look easy).

The measurements I have here are to make a few jars, this is great to make in advance and give as gifts. You’ll be wanting this not just for Christmas Turkey but with any posh cheese (Brie or Camembert) sammiches to be had throughout the holiday and well into the new year. Maybe even make the mistake i did last year and fill a chocolate cake with it….BEST MISTAKE EVER!

Makes 5-7 Jars

750g Cranberries

440g Castor Sugar

165ml Water

6-7Tbsp Cointreau

1. Place all your ingredients in a pan and boil for 15min. After 10min though have a little test, if you want more sugar add it now but if you think too sweet at a squeeze of lemon. Once berries are burst you’ll know it’s done but test it on a cool plate and smoosh it around with your finger.

2. Remove from heat and fill up sterilised jars.

And then Clean up....maybe with a sup of Baileys



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