Peppermint Creams

Small minty morsels…..these will make great gifts for Christmas or just to have for after dinner or any party/occasion where you want to have something a little bit fancy and a little bit cute and very much tasty.

These are easy, gluten-free, require no heat to make apart from a minute or two in the microwave to melt some chocolate, so these can be made by all ages. Also, don’t limit yourself to circles like me! Make stars or squares or unicorns…

450g Icing sugar (and extra for dusting)

8-9 tbsp Condensed Milk

Few drops Peppermint Extract….about a capful or more

Drop or two of Green Food Colouring

100g Dark Chocolate

1. In a big bowl mix together the icing sugar and condensed milk. Should be crumbly, then add your mint extract and colour and knead until you have a firm dough. Taste a bit…ad more mint if you think it need some!

drip drop drip...add the colour and the taste













2. Sprinkle some extra sugar and knead some more on a clean surface/greeseproof paper. Then roll it out to about 5mm thick. Start cutting out your mints with something coin sized, either a small cookie cutter or a bottle cap works well but needs to be dusted liberally with sugar 1st or use a sherry glass.

Bottle cap works quite well.

3. As you cut move your mints to a sheet of greaseproof paper to dry. When all the mint mix is used up wait an hour or two for mints to dry.

4. Melt your chocolate in a small bowl in a microwave for 1-2min or over a pan of hot water. Fill a bigger bowl with hot water and place small bowl in this. DO NOT LET WATER GET IN CHOCOLATE. This will keep chocolate melted as you use it. Pick up each mint a dip half into chocolate and carefully place on a sheet of clingfilm to dry.


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