Frosty Trees

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!….please?

I’m really hoping for a white christmas but knowing the Irish weather as it is….not even the weather people know! Still, I’ve my fingers crossed, I’m praying and I’ve even asked Santa. So I think I have all the angles covered. However I can guarantee there will be snow on these frosted tree cookies as I put it there myself.

These be slightly less guilty as they are low in fat *dairy free* and high in lovely hazelnuts! Also gluten-free and wonderfully merry and sweet. They are I admit a bit fiddley to make but I assure you they are well worth the effort of de-shelling.

This is what I sent to for that cookie exchange, nothing less than my favourite nom nom nom …..

20+ Frosty Trees

300g Hazelnuts

2 egg whites

250g Icing Sugar

1tbsp lemon zest

1. Take a handful of hazelnuts and toss them in to a big dry pan over a medium heat and toast them untill they start to go brown and the skin starts to flake off a bit. Be careful though not to burn them, stirring lots helps.










2. Remove hazelnuts from pan and toss them onto a rough clean tea towel that you don’t mind destroying *potentially*…. and rub them to remove the skins. When satisfied toss them into a blender and blitz! If not toss them back in the pan…repeat 1 and 2 untill you have ground up all your nuts, don’t worry if the skin just won’t come off just think of it as added fiber :)

3. leave your ground hazelnuts aside and whisk up your egg whites in a grease free bowl until they go stiff, whisk in the icing sugar untill thick and glossy. Take 3-4 tbsp from the egg icing and leave it to one side to frost trees with later.

4. With remaining icing add in your hazelnuts and lemon zest and fold in to make a soft sticky dough. Roll this onto a surface dusted with icing sugar and roll to a thickness of 3-4mm.


5. Cut out your trees and place them on a tray, they will puff out a bit so give them some wiggle room, and with the left over icing spread a small amount on the branches leaving the trunk bare.

No snow!












6. Bake in a preheated oven at 150C for 20-30min. Leave them to cool if you can, they should be crisp with a slight chewy middle and ultimately delicious!


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, la la la la la la….


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