I know it’s been a long time since I’ve had a baking post. It’s not because I’ve not been baking but more so that I’ve had no time to post! Yet here I am tapping away and writing this post….I dont really understand my logic either but just roll with it :)

Anyways, I’m just letting you know I’m still doing this and I have two posts on the way. If you follow me on Twitter (!/DeborahNugent) then you’ll know that I promised mint choc muffins, ginger muffins and a chocolate mouse. They are coming soon! and a little teaser…..

Ginger muffins with ginger glaze

Mint Choc Muffins

Chocolate Mousse in an Egg Shell

So for these little wonders please bear with me as I finish up with college :)

Lastly I’d like to direct your attention to a survey I’m conducting for a potential summer project/business. As I can’t seem to get a job (there are none) I will instead create one.

If you could fill this in I’d be grateful, especially if you have special dietary requirements and are living in Dublin, Ireland. Thank you so much x


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