Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m Deborah, the Buzzy Bee who does the baking here. Most of the recipes you’ll find here will be adapted to suit people with varying allergies, from gluten-free to dairy free and everything in between, although each recipe can simply be made for perfectly healthy people with a quick swap. However I strive to bake things that can be eaten by anyone, allergy ridden or not! Personally I have no major intolerance or allergies myself, apart from a bizarre allergy to cinnamon (AKA allergic to Christmas!), yet many of my friends and my mom have suddenly realised these things and so I must make sure they are well fed with cake. Sure it’s only the right thing to do. Hence the blog, for the times when I can’t bake for them, they can bake for themselves…or even yourself, someone I’ve never met may benefit from a nice slice of cake and a hot beverage of your choosing.
Just so you know a little bit about me, I’ll tell you that I’m currently a student and not a professional baker. Nor am I aspiring to be one (yet I’ll dream away), instead I’m pursuing education…that is that I’m attending college but not knowing where I want to go with my degree(BSc. (Hons) Financial Services & Investment Analysis). I’m very active in the societies, being the CBO (Chief Baking Officer) for both Ultimate Frisbee and Sci-Fi, arranging bakesales and the like, amongst other things.

Being the typical Irish lass I have a strong love for a cuppa tea and potatoes, both at the same time being bliss. Not so typical, my family has somehow managed to acquire a few hens and we don’t even live on a farm! Although I’m not complaining as free range eggs fresh from the chicken arse can’t be beat ;)

I hope you like and enjoy my blog, would much appreciate any shares, likes or comments, although you are not obliged to it would certainly increase your chances of receiving  some cake!  You can click the subscribe button for a virtual hug.

This is Angel.

Rosemary sitting pretty


A chicken laid an egg!



  1. Well….uh yes, another surprise!?! It is waiting for you, come and see! Donna

    • Oh thank you again. I’m really flattered.
      Uh….sorry I haven’t gotten around to passing on the rewards

      • That is alright. It is quite an undertaking and you sure don’t have to go through the whole song and dance if you do not want to. Just keep doing what you do!!

  2. You have a great blog so I have a surprise for you. Come check it out! Donna

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