Some frequently asked questions that I’ve been asked and now answered

  • What  gluten-free flour do you use?

Mostly I use Dove’s Gluten Free flours because I find it works almost as well as the regular wheat flour. It’s readily available too for me so no mad travels to find some. They have a huge range but if you stick to plain or their self-raising you won’t go wrong.


….and a link so you know what I’m talking about

  • I can’t find the brand you mentioned! What else can I do?

Most health food shops will have a wide range of flours that are wheat free such as buckwheat, rice, cornmeal, spelt and others. Failing that you can use ground nuts as a substitute or cocoa powder, you can still bake cakes with no flour that are to kill for.

  • Do you have a Gluten allergy/wheat intolerant?

Nope. I can eat any and all breads, it’s my mum who has the intolerance and my sister who shouldn’t really have dairy. It’s bananas and cinnamon of all things that I must avoid.

  • Ever think of setting up a business/cafe?


  • Would you bake me something?

Well, I do love baking….unless I really can’t then yes, I will bake pretty much  anything. Sure, if it’s a challenge than you can definitely count me it!

  • Can I ask you something?

No problem at all,  just email me at bakingbuzzybee@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you :)


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